Charity League Covid-19 Relief Effort

Aug 6, 2020

When it became clear that our community was being impacted by COVID-19, the ladies of Charity League decided to help. We postponed renovations to the Charity League house, and used those funds to create a COVID-19 Relief Fund. Charity League was able to donate $5000.00 to Lourdes Foundation for its Associate Fund, $5000.00 to Baptist Health for iPads that patients can use when unable to have visitors, $5,000.00 to the City of Paducah’s Small Business Relief Fund, $5000.00 to the Necessities Grant Opportunity organized by United Way of Paducah, Family Service Society, Salvation Army, Paducah Cooperative Ministries and The City of Paducah, and $2553.00 to Lotus for a UV Light Cart. Charity League also created a separate fund with donations by its very own League members, Gold Capital, LLC, and Williams, Williams & Lentz, LLP. That fund was used to purchase family fun care packages for the families at Paducah Day Nursery.