Ethel Fund

Charity League’s Ethel Dubois Smith Fund

Funding Request Process

Charity League’s Ethel Dubois Smith Fund Funding Request Process

2023 Ethel Fund donation requests due to Abby Wrinkle at by September 30, 2023.

  • The Ethel Dubois Smith Fund shall be held, managed, and invested by the Ethel Dubois Smith Fund Committee, with charitable distributions from the Fund to be made in accordance with the Charity League’s Mission Statement. The mission of Charity League is to raise funds for Easterseals West Kentucky and assist other local non-profits that support the health, welfare and general care of women and children. Ethel Dubois Smith intended for her funds to support the same causes.
  • Applications for funding are due to the current Charity League President by September 30 each year. To apply, the benefitting organization must be a registered 501c3 non-profit and provide a letter on official letterhead outlining the requested funding need. Organizations must also include their own mission statement within the request letter, so that the committee can access how the requesting organization’s mission aligns with Charity League’s mission. Supporting documents may also be included. Funds distributed from the Ethel Dubois Smith account shall be considered a one-time gift. If you’re a recipient of a gift from a previous year and applying for a gift again, please provide proof of how you used that donation amount in previous year(s).
  • The Ethel Dubois Smith Fund Committee is made up of four current Charity League members and three Associate Advisor members. The committee meets in October each year to propose distribution amounts, which are then voted on and approved by the members of the Charity League. The current Charity League President will notify benefitting organizations before the end of the calendar year.